Affliction Warlock
302 ilvl
Season 0
2800 Mythic+

Athlock from Zuljin (US) is recognized as one of the top PvE Affliction Warlock in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.2.5, having achieved an impressive 2800 rating in Mythic+ during season 0.

Here you'll find a detailed snapshot of his character from . It includes a thorough breakdown of his stats, talents, equipment, embellishments, enchantments, and gems. Use this as a guide to enhance and inspire your own Affliction Warlock build.

Stat Priority

Stats are crucial attributes that directly influence a character's power in World of Warcraft. They not only determine the character's strength but also define the overall feel and playstyle. Stat bonuses can be found on various pieces of equipment, in consumables created by the Alchemy profession, certain foods, some enchantments , and gems .

It's important to note that each stat experiences diminishing returns once its equipped bonus reaches +20%. This means that optimizing a character's performance involves more than just maximizing each stat; it's about finding a balanced distribution. Here is how Athlock's Secondary and Minor stats are distributed.

Secondary Stats
28% Critical Strike
35% Haste
68% Mastery
2% Versatility
  1. Haste
  2. Critical Strike
  3. Mastery
  4. Versatility
Minor Stats
0% Avoidance
1% Leech
6% Speed
  1. Speed
  2. Leech
  3. Avoidance

Class Talents

Talents are the main element defining a character's build, significantly influencing the playstyle by adding, modifying, and enhancing character abilities and behaviors. They are crucial in shaping how a character functions in battle.

Class talents represent a common tree shared across all Warlock specializations. These talents provide foundational skills and enhancements that are essential and universal to the Warlock class. They offer a range of abilities that lay the groundwork for a Warlock's overall capabilities, regardless of the chosen specialization.

Fel Domination
Demonic Circle
Burning Rush
Fel Pact
Demon Skin
Fel Armor
Fiendish Stride
Curses of Enfeeblement
Abyss Walker
Howl of Terror
Amplify Curse
Demonic Embrace
Demonic Inspiration
Wrathful Minion
Demonic Fortitude
Teachings of the Satyr
Accrued Vitality
Sweet Souls
Demonic Gateway
Dark Pact
Strength of Will
Ichor of Devils
Socrethar's Guile
Sargerei Technique
Fel Synergy
Soul Link
Teachings of the Black Harvest
Resolute Barrier
Grimoire of Synergy
Profane Bargain
Soul Conduit
Demonic Resilience
Grim Feast
Inquisitor's Gaze

Specialization Talents

Specialization talents constitute a specialized tree, providing Affliction Warlocks with unique abilities and enhancements tailored to their combat style.

Malefic Rapture
Unstable Affliction
Seed of Corruption
Writhe in Agony
Sow the Seeds
Shadow Embrace
Dark Virtuosity
Kindled Malice
Agonizing Corruption
Drain Soul
Absolute Corruption
Phantom Singularity
Pandemic Invocation
Inevitable Demise
Soul Swap
Soul Flame
Grimoire of Sacrifice
Focused Malignancy
Withering Bolt
Sacrolash's Dark Strike
Creeping Death
Summon Darkglare
Soul Rot
Xavius' Gambit
Tormented Crescendo
Seized Vitality
Malevolent Visionary
Wrath of Consumption
Soul-Eater's Gluttony
Doom Blossom
Haunted Soul
Grand Warlock's Design
Dark Harvest

PvP Talents

PvP talents are specifically tailored for player-versus-player combat scenarios. Activated in arenas, battlegrounds, and the open world with war mode enabled, these talents are designed to optimize a Affliction Warlock's performance in PvP encounters. They provide specialized enhancements and strategies that give players an edge in combat against other players, reflecting the unique demands of PvP gameplay.

Gateway Mastery
Rot and Decay
Nether Ward
Essence Drain
Rampant Afflictions
Shadow Rift
Call Observer
Bonds of Fel
Impish Instincts
Soul Rip


Equipment directly determines a character's power level in World of Warcraft. These items are acquired from diverse sources: they can drop in dungeons and raids, be discovered across the world, be crafted through various professions, obtained from PvP vendors, or chosen as rewards from the Great Vault.

Each piece of equipment significantly boosts a character's overall strength and capabilities. Here are the items currently equipped by Athlock.


  1. set
    Horns of the Demon Star


  1. Ornately Engraved Amplifier


  1. Felflame Spaulders


  1. Duplicating Drape


  1. set
    Robes of the Demon Star


  1. Grim-Veiled Bracers


  1. set
    Grasps of the Demon Star


  1. Grim-Veiled Belt


  1. Trousers of Royal Vanity


  1. Boots of the Demon Star

Ring 1

  1. Logic Loop of Recursion

Ring 2

  1. Overclocking Bit Band

Trinket 1

  1. Titanic Ocular Gland

Trinket 2

  1. Tovra's Lightning Repository

Main Hand

  1. Antumbra, Shadow of the Cosmos

Off Hand

  1. Lyre of Decadent Frivolity


Embellishments are unique effects that can be added to crafted items, either as predefined elements in recipes or through an optional embellishment reagent, creating embellished gear. These enhancements diversify and amplify characters' capabilities.

Here are the embellishments equipped by Athlock for the Affliction Warlock specialization.

Unfortunately, no embellished item data were found.


Enchantments provide minor yet valuable enhancements to various items, including Head, Back, Chest, Wrist, Waist, Legs, Rings, Feet, Main Hand, and Off Hand.

Most enchantments are crafted via the Enchanting profession. However, Waist enchantments specifically require Blacksmithing, Legs enhancements are crafted by Leatherworkers, and Head enchantments come from the Incandescent Essence , a reward obtained through a quest in the Amirdrassil raid.

Enchantments are usually available at the auction house, making them accessible for upgrades. Here are the specific enchantments chosen by Athlock for each equipment slot.


  1. Enchant Cloak - Fortified Leech


  1. Enchant Chest - Eternal Stats


  1. Enchant Boots - Soul Treads

Ring 1

  1. Enchant Ring - Tenet of Mastery

Ring 2

  1. Enchant Ring - Tenet of Mastery

Main Hand

  1. Enchant Weapon - Celestial Guidance


Gems are crafted stones from the Jewelcrafting profession, typically offering stat bonuses to enhance your gear. These gems can be socketed into specific items such as Head, Neck, Wrist, Waist, and Rings. The presence of sockets on items is usually random upon their drop.

Notably, Neck items can be uniquely modified to have up to three sockets by using 3 Tiered Medallion Setting . Additionally, a single socket can be added to other eligible items with a Nature's Cradle , which requires 6 Aspects' Tokens of Merit obtained from the Great Vault.

Available through both the auction house and the crafting order system, here are the gems currently socketed by Athlock.

  1. Masterful Jewel Cluster
  2. Deadly Jewel Cluster