Where Murlok.io come from?

Hello, my name is Maxence, a long-time World of Warcraft french player (since the 2005 release) and a software engineer who used to work in Silicon Valley.

Back in March 2020, COVID-19 started to rampage across the world, and like many of you, I got stuck at home, going back into the World of Warcraft.

Being mainly a PvP player, I love slaying people in arenas and battlegrounds! So what I used to do when starting back playing the game was going to the Armory , check what the top arena players were using: their stats, talents, and items in order to figure out the "unfair advantage" that would balance the lack of equipment.

I often ended up with several browser tabs open, spending a certain amount of time to figure out what I needed.

On the other side, I was also working on my own open-source tool to build websites and apps . After a few years, there was a point where I needed to have a serious project that could show what it is capable of.

So I started to build Murlok.io. It took a lot of motivation, endless hours of code, and you are seeing the result of that work right now. I hope you love it :)

How Murlok.io is built?


The frontend is written with the Go Programming Language (Golang) .

The UI is built with go-app , a package to build Progressive Web Apps.

Styles are vanilla CSS .


The backend is also written with Golang .

It is separated into 3 parts, a crawler that fetches World of Warcraft data on a daily basis, an API that provides fetched data, and the go-app part that serves the Progressive Web App.

Things are kept simple by using the standard net/http package.

Database World of Warcraft game data is stored in a Google Cloud Firestore NoSQL database.
Infrastructure Murlok.io services are hosted on Google Cloud . It currently uses App Engine .