Where Murlok.io come from?

Hello, my name is Maxence, a long-time World of Warcraft french player (since the 2005 release) and a software engineer who used to work in Silicon Valley.

Back in March 2020, COVID-19 started to rampage across the world, and like many of you, I got stuck at home, going back into the World of Warcraft.

Being mainly a PvP player, I love slaying people in arenas and battlegrounds! So what I used to do when starting back playing the game was going to the Armory , check what the top arena players were using: their stats, talents, and items in order to figure out the "unfair advantage" that would balance the lack of equipment.

I often ended up with several browser tabs open, spending a certain amount of time to figure out what I needed.

On the other side, I was also working on my own open-source tool to build websites and apps . After a few years, there was a point where I needed to have a serious project that could show what it is capable of.

So I started to build Murlok.io. It took a lot of motivation, endless hours of code, and you are seeing the result of that work right now. I hope you love it :)

How Murlok.io is built?


The frontend is written with the Go Programming Language (Golang) .

The UI is built with go-app , a package to build Progressive Web Apps.

Styles are vanilla CSS .


The backend is also written with Golang .

It is separated into 3 parts, a crawler that fetches World of Warcraft data on a daily basis, an API that provides fetched data, and the go-app part that serves the Progressive Web App.

Things are kept simple by using the standard net/http package.

Database World of Warcraft game data is stored in a Google Cloud Firestore NoSQL database.
Infrastructure Murlok.io services are hosted on Google Cloud . It currently uses App Engine .


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Data and privacy

Murlok.io itself does not currently collect user personal information.

Google services

Murlok.io uses Google services that use cookies and collect usage data. See how Google uses information from sites or apps that use their services .

Google AdSense Google AdSense is the service used to display advertisements and generate income to sustain Murlok.io infrastructure costs.
Google Analytics Google Analytics is the service that collects usage data such as page views and user counts. Those data are used to have insights into how Murlok.io is performing.