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Character info

This is a character summary that provides details about how a given character is built. Each section deals with what are the chosen stats, items, or skills. Characters are updated every day when they are found on a World of Warcraft leaderboard.

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Name Magnusz
Server Zuljin@US

Twitch channel

Holy cow! Murlok is not acquainted with Magnusz 's Twitch channel... Help me fix this by sending the URL on Discord or Twitter .


The stats observed on Magnusz's equipment.

Legendary items

The legendary items observed on Magnusz's equipment.


The trinkets observed on Magnusz's equipmenta.


The gems socketed on Magnusz's equipment.


The talents used by Magnusz.

PvP Talents

The PvP talents picked by Magnusz.


The soulbind picked by Magnusz.

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