Venom-Steeped Stompers

Venom-Steeped Stompers is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2) mail armor item equipable on a Feet slot.

Usable by Evoker , Hunter , and Shaman classes

This armor is an embellished item that can be obtained by Work Order or directly crafted with a profession. Only 2 embellished items can be equipped at the same time. Check class guides to see whether Venom-Steeped Stompers is worth taking for your class and specialization.

Venom-Steeped Stompers item icon.
Name Venom-Steeped Stompers
Quality Epic
ILvl 350
Required Level 70
Limit Category Unique-Equipped: Embellished (2)
Class Armor
Subclass Mail
Inventory Type Feet
  • +408 armor
  • +260 intellect
  • +260 agility
  • +786 stamina
  • +168 versatility
  • +268 mastery
  • Equip: Toxins course through you, occasionally triggering Potent Venom. While affected by Potent Venom, you lose 265 of your lowest secondary stat and gain 665 of your highest secondary stat for 10 sec. These effects are increased by 100% if you equip an item crafted with a Toxified Armor Patch.