Time-Thief's Gambit

Time-Thief's Gambit is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2) miscellaneous armor item equipable on a Trinket slot.

Usable by Death Knight , Demon Hunter , Druid , Evoker , Hunter , Mage , Monk , Paladin , Priest , Rogue , Shaman , Warlock , and Warrior classes

Time-Thief's Gambit item icon.
Name Time-Thief's Gambit
Quality Epic
Item Level 421
Required Level 70
Limit Category Unique-Equipped
Class Armor
Subclass Miscellaneous
Inventory Type Trinket
  • +473 intellect
  • Use: "Borrow" power from an alternate timeline for personal gain, increasing your Haste by 1,858 for 15 sec and triggering a Paradox 2 min later. If the Paradox arrives, you will be frozen in time, completely unable to act or move for 5 sec. Killing enemies steals their remaining time to partially delay the Paradox by 15 sec, with major enemies restoring the timeline completely. (1 Min Cooldown)