Mystic Heron's Hatsuburi

Mystic Heron's Hatsuburi is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2) leather armor item equipable on a Head slot.

Usable by Monk class

Mystic Heron's Hatsuburi item icon.
Name Mystic Heron's Hatsuburi
Quality Epic
Item Level 441
Required Level 70
Required Classes
Class Armor
Subclass Leather
Inventory Type Head
  • +478 armor
  • +600 intellect
  • +600 agility
  • +2223 stamina
  • +290 critical-strike
  • +561 versatility
Mystic Heron's Discipline
  • (2) Breath of Fire deals 40% bonus damage as Shadowflame and causes you to heal for 50% of your Fire damage dealt.
  • (4) Your attacks against targets afflicted by Breath of Fire have a chance to deal 15% extra damage as Shadowflame, and each Celestial Brew also grants a Stagger absorb for 100% of the Shadowflame damage you have dealt, causing damage delayed by Stagger to instead be prevented.