Molten Vanguard's Crushers

Molten Vanguard's Crushers is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2) plate armor item equipable on a Hands slot.

Usable by Warrior class

Molten Vanguard's Crushers item icon.
Name Molten Vanguard's Crushers
Quality Epic
Item Level 441
Required Level 70
Required Classes
Class Armor
Subclass Plate
Inventory Type Hands
  • +795 armor
  • +450 intellect
  • +450 strength
  • +1667 stamina
  • +197 haste
  • +441 versatility
Molten Vanguard's Mortarplate
  • (2) Rend damage increased by 30% and Sudden Death can be triggered by Rend's bleed damage.
  • (4) Sudden Death also makes your next Execute powerfully slam the ground, causing a Thunder Clap that deals 100% increased damage. In addition, the Execute target bleeds for 50% of Execute's damage over 5 sec. If this bleed is reapplied, remaining damage is added to the new bleed.