Lingering Phantom's Schynbalds

Lingering Phantom's Schynbalds is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2.5) plate armor item equipable on a Legs slot.

Usable by Death Knight class

Lingering Phantom's Schynbalds item icon.
Name Lingering Phantom's Schynbalds
Quality Epic
ILvl 415
Required Level 70
Required Classes
Class Armor
Subclass Plate
Inventory Type Legs
  • +1045 armor
  • +471 intellect
  • +471 strength
  • +1612 stamina
  • +513 critical-strike
  • +239 haste
Lingering Phantom's Encasement
  • (2) Heart Strike and Blood Boil deal 10% increased damage and have a 5% chance to grant Vampiric Blood for 5 sec.
  • (4) When you would gain Vampiric Blood you are infused with Vampiric Strength, granting you 10% Strength for 5 sec. Your Heart Strike and Blood Boil extend the duration of Vampiric Strength by 0.5 sec.