Greatwolf Outcast's Harness

Greatwolf Outcast's Harness is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.2) mail armor item equipable on a Chest slot.

Usable by Shaman class

Greatwolf Outcast's Harness item icon.
Name Greatwolf Outcast's Harness
Quality Epic
Item Level 441
Required Level 70
Required Classes
Class Armor
Subclass Mail
Inventory Type Chest
  • +940 armor
  • +600 intellect
  • +600 agility
  • +2223 stamina
  • +595 haste
  • +256 mastery
Vision of the Greatwolf Outcast
  • (2) Primordial Wave also casts an Elemental Blast at the target at 70% effectiveness, and grants you all three Elemental Blast bonus effects for 10.0 sec.
  • (4) Lava Burst burns your target for 10% additional damage over 4 sec, and after consuming Primordial Wave, your next 2 casts of Lava Burst to also hit up to 3 additional targets affected by your Flame Shock for 65% of normal damage.