Elemental Lariat

Elemental Lariat is a World of Warcraft (Dragonflight 10.1.7) miscellaneous armor item equipable on a Neck slot.

Usable by Death Knight , Demon Hunter , Druid , Evoker , Hunter , Mage , Monk , Paladin , Priest , Rogue , Shaman , Warlock , and Warrior classes

This armor is an embellished item that can be obtained by Work Order or directly crafted with a profession. Only 2 embellished items can be equipped at the same time. Check Murlok.io class guides to see whether Elemental Lariat is worth taking for your class and specialization.

Elemental Lariat item icon.
Name Elemental Lariat
Quality Epic
Item Level 350
Required Level 1
Limit Category Unique-Equipped: Embellished (2)
Class Armor
Subclass Miscellaneous
Inventory Type Neck
  • +594 stamina
  • +438 critical-strike
  • +438 mastery
  • Equip: Your spells and abilities have a chance to empower one of your socketed elemental gems, granting 409 of their associated stat. Lasts 5 sec and an additional 1 sec per elemental gem.