Coordinated Assault

Survival Hunter

Coordinated Assault represents a compelling specialization talent for Survival Hunters in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.2

Immerse yourself in's comprehensive Survival Hunter guide to ascertain if this talent merits a place in your skillset.

Coordinated Assault talent icon.
Name Coordinated Assault
Type Specialization
Cast Time Instant
Cooldown 2 Min Cooldown
Effect You and your pet charge your enemy, striking them for a combined 1,060 Physical damage. You and your pet's bond is then strengthened for 20 sec, causing your pet's Basic Attack to empower your next spell cast: Wildfire Bomb: Increase the initial damage by 20% Kill Shot: Bleed the target for 50% of Kill Shot's damage over 6 sec.
Range 40 Yd Range